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"To the Front Boys"

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 "To the Front Boys" features Lt. Col William H. Lewis, of the 19th U.S. Infantry, as he waves his sword and promotes his men forward to attack Northern Cheyenne warriors in the last engagement between Native American and U.S. Military forces in Kansas, September 27, 1878. Lewis was commanding a force of five 4th U.S. Cavalry companies and one troop of 19th U.S. Infantry, to pursue and capture 350 Northern Cheyenne that had departed from Darlington Agency in Oklahoma Territory. It was said that Lt. Col. Lewis repeatedly rode his large bay horse in front of the men and was " very brave"! He was mortally wounded in the battle and became the last U.S. Military officer to die in the Indian Wars in Kansas. The Northern Cheyenne, led by their famous Chiefs, Little Wolf and Dull Knife, would escape during a storm later that night. Many of the Cheyenne, would eventually return to their sacred homelands in Montana. A true testament to their incredible bravery and courage! In 1877, Lt. Col. Lewis, had met with several of the Cheyenne and had written letters of support for their "well-being" and "care" in Oklahoma. He was very disappointed to hear that the Cheyenne had been mistreated and were starving and dying from disease. Lewis was a highly decorated and respected U.S Army officer. His body was sent by train from Fort Wallace, Kansas to his home in Sandy Hill, New York, where he was laid in state at his mother's parlor prior to services at the Episcopal Church and eventually buried at Union Cemetery. 

 Print image size approx. 18" x 24", signed.