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About Us


Renowned artist Jerry Thomas’s stunningly lifelike depictions of the historical American West have garnered him wide acclaim.  His incredible attention to detail and passion for accurately portraying his subjects is a hallmark of his beautifully designed images.

Jerry’s artwork is collected and displayed worldwide and has been featured on many book covers, magazine articles, television and radio documentaries, and talk shows.  Widely recognized for his passion and dedication in supporting and protecting important historic preservation and restoration projects, Jerry has worked to preserve valuable national landmarks and historic sites through his artwork.

His Native American paintings have benefited and honored his friends of the Northern Cheyenne Nation and Crow Reservations.  In a special ceremony, to show their appreciation, the Northern Cheyenne Tribe honored Jerry by presenting him with the Cheyenne name, “Mo’e’haaso’”, meaning “Little Magpie”.  The Magpie to the Cheyenne is considered a spiritual entity and “sacred messenger of the Creator”.  He has been named by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback as the director of the initiative to design and build a museum at the El Cuartelejo National Historic Site located in Historic Lake Scott State Park, near Scott City, Kansas.

Jerry also unveiled his latest bronze statue of the famous frontier scout, “William Averill Comstock, Ace of Scouts”, at “The Great 1867 Fort Wallace and Western Kansas Exposition” in July.  This life-sized statue now stands in front of the Fort Wallace Museum in Wallace, Kansas for all to enjoy!

Jerry has received countless honors and awards which include receiving the coveted “Kansas’ Finest Award” by the state of Kansas, and induction into the Southwestern College Fine Arts Hall of Fame in Winfield, Kansas.

Jerry’s boyhood home, Scott City, Kansas, and the state of Kansas honored him with the building of the Jerry Thomas Gallery and Collection in 2010.  The gallery displays and exhibits his incredible original artwork and world class western historical collection. The collection showcases guns, weapons, uniforms, memorabilia, and artifacts from the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Native Americans, Civil War and Cowboy Trails, and the Battle of Punished Woman’s Fork.





 Hours: 1pm - 5pm, Tuesday - Saturday, 902 W. Highway 96, Scott City, Kansas 67871