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The Jerry Thomas Gallery and Collection not only features Jerry's renowned Western and Wildlife artwork, but it also showcases his amazing Western Heritage Collection of guns, weapons, uniforms, memorabilia and artifacts from the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Native Americans, Civil War and Cowboy Trails, and The Battle of Punished Woman's Fork.

His collection has evolved over many years, and is a testament to his passion for the history and love of the Old West. Many of these items have been used and featured in his incredible artwork which can be seen in the beautiful and spacious gallery that Jerry designed with attractive and distinctive Western and Native American architecture.

The Jerry Thomas Gallery and Collection houses the finest and most extensive collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the last Native American and U.S. Military battle to take place in the State of Kansas, known as The Battle of Punished Woman's Fork.On Sept. 27, 1878, Northern Cheyenne warriors, led by Chiefs Dull Knife and Little Wolf, defended their woman, children, and elderly in the sanctuary cave of Battle Canyon, while Lt. Col. William H. Lewis commanded the 4th U.S. Cavalry and 19th U.S. Infantry, in the attack. In the battle that in-sued, Lt. Col. Lewis was mortally wounded, becoming the last military officer to die in the Indian Wars in Kansas. The Northern Cheyenne eventually escaped and after a grueling 1200 mile trek, returned to their native homeland in Montana.

The Jerry Thomas Gallery beautifully displays the ONLY KNOWN image and engraved, personal sword of Lt. Col. William H. Lewis, along with memorabilia and artifacts from those officers and personal friends who knew him. In the 135 years since the battle, no image or memorabilia ever surfaced.

The Jerry Thomas Gallery and Collection is proud to have these amazing, one of a kind, artifacts of Lt. Col. Lewis in its permanent collection. There are also Northern Cheyenne artifacts including an exquisitely beaded and fringed tobacco bag found at the battle by 4th U.S. Cavalry, 2nd Lt. Cornelius Gardener, adjutant to Lewis. The only known original map and details of the battle which were presented to Corporal Sharon C. McFadden for his heroic effort to save Lt. Col. Lewis in the battle, are also beautifully showcased. The Collection of Jerry's renowned artwork and Western heritage holds other surprises and is truly a wonderful and remarkable National Treasure.   




 Hours: 1pm - 5pm, Tuesday - Saturday, 902 W. Highway 96, Scott City, Kansas 67871