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"A Buddy Forever"

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He was the runt of the litter with a vivacious, playful and energetic little attitude that made you love him. His official AKC title was “Bear’s Beau Buddy”, we simply called him “Buddy”, a green-eyed chocolate Labrador puppy. When first brought home, Buddy became ill and we thought we might lose him, but with the will and strength that he would show throughout his entire life, he came through. He soon became a very special, pampered and adored fixture in our household. He traveled everywhere, doing everything with us. We even celebrated his birthday and hung a Christmas stocking with his name, above the fireplace! As a youngster, Buddy displayed the talent and knack for retrieving anything that could be possibly thrown for him. The thrower often stopping before Buddy wanted to stop. He was athletic and agile and although having a tough time running through taller grass, he loved to play, swim, run and jump. He grew to become so good at vaulting off a boat dock, that consideration was made to enter him in the ESPN Super Dog contest. Later, with training and his inherent gift, he developed into an amazing hunting retriever, eventually competing at the high level of Master Hunter at many Hunt Test events throughout the Midwest. Buddy received proud compliments and accolades for his skills and performance. In the field, he was exceptional and loved the adventure of locating a cackling pheasant, the sound of Mallard ducks setting their wings on the Kansas River, and honks of geese gliding into decoys on a snowy pasture. Buddy was disciplined and would sit patiently upon the flush of a pheasant, anxiously waiting to be released to retrieve the bird. In a duck blind, he’d wait with his eyes and ears to the sky and explode into the water when released to bring in the birds that had been shot. He was able to be commanded by whistle along with hand signals to the fallen fowl with perfection sometimes having covered long distances swimming or running. Buddy made hunting seasons and each hunt special memories! He was a strong, brave, and faithful companion. Once, while Buddy and I were crossing a barbed wire fence, we were surprised by an angry raccoon charging at us with gnashing jaws! Instantly, Buddy attacked the raccoon sending it scurrying away, and saving me real trouble! We became very close over the years, many times just the two of us sitting in a blind, enjoying each other’s company, and Buddy receiving a treat and his customary ear rub. Through the years he continued to hunt and loved to play, but his step wasn’t quite as quick, and his muzzle was beginning to turn grey. We took Buddy to the Vet Clinic to have him checked and found that he was ailing and that he would have a tough time regaining his health. With the will and strength that he had shown early in his life, he held on for some time. On a cold December morning, I received a call from my wife telling me that I needed to come home, Buddy wasn’t doing well. I raced home as fast as I could from Topeka and walked in the door. Upon seeing me, Buddy raised his head and snuggled into my arms. I comforted him and watched as he took his last breath. Fondly, now with every sunrise or sunset and waterfowl flying in the sky, we remember special times with our beloved Buddy, and feel truly blessed to have had a "A Buddy Forever"!


Signed Cards: 4.5"x 7" image size. **Prints will be available in 2021**