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"One Perfect Day"

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Elizabeth "Libbie" Custer, wrote often about the special times she spent on the Plains with her husband, Gen. George A. Custer. She and Gen. Custer loved to ride together, race their horses and hunt the open, majestic landscape of the prairie. She wrote, "The air is so exhilarating it feels as if you have never breathed a full breath before." In particular, she wrote about Ft. Riley, Kansas, where she and her husband would join the newly formed Seventh U.S. Cavalry in October of 1866. She stated, "It was delightful ground to ride upon at Ft. Riley! AH!! What happy days they were..!!!" "One Perfect Day", features Libbie, Gen. Custer and their Orderly, hunting along the Kansas River, just east of Ft. Riley and celebrates Libbie Custer, an incredible woman and widow, who wrote very eloquently about her love and passion for her hero, "Gen. Custer", and love of the Great Plains. She died a few days short of her 91st birthday on April 6, 1933. She is buried beside her husband at West Point Military Academy in New York.

Giclee Canvas Prints, signed and numbered. Print image approx. size 20" x 30".