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"In Search Of"

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After the Washita campaign, Lt. Col. George Custer was given permission by Gen. Phil Sheridan to assemble a detail of forty troopers to search and find the Cheyenne Camp where two captured women, Anna Brewster Morgan and Sarah White, were being held. The women had been taken during the 1868 Summer raids in Kansas. Sheridan urged Custer to use extreme caution with the small group of men, being mindful of the previous incidents of the Kidder Massacre and Beecher Island Fight. The search lasted 22 days (January 15 - February 5, 1869) and many difficulties and setbacks followed. Custer eventually ended the scout and returned to Ft. Cobb. One month later on March 19,1869, when Lt. Col. Custer, the Seventh U.S. Cavalry and the 19th Kansas Cavalry found the Cheyenne camp where the ladies were being held on Sweetwater Creek in Texas, and secured their eventful release.

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